27 August 2010

Economic World War

Tarpley: 'US tries to destroy Euro'

12 August 2010

State Capitalism

The End of the Free Market: Six Questions for Ian Bremmer 
By Scott Horton
Ian Bremmer is one of Wall Street’s leading political risk analysts and consultants and the president of Eurasia Group. In his new book, The End of the Free Market, he highlights the rise of a new form of capitalism largely in the formerly communist bloc, “state capitalism.” I put six questions to Bremmer about his new book.

"Globalization has been the dominant driver of international politics and global markets for a generation. But in several countries around the world, we’re now seeing a fast-emerging struggle between free-market liberalism and a new form of capitalism dominated by the state. The collapse of communism didn’t bring about the final victory of free-market capitalism, because it didn’t put an end to authoritarian government." 

The free market and trade with China has of course not ended authoritarian government - it has enriched with willing complicity of western companies.