14 December 2007

The China Model

By Rowan Callick
"From Vietnam to Syria, from Burma to Venezuela, and all across Africa, leaders of developing countries are admiring and emulating what might be called the China Model. It has two components.
The first is to copy successful elements of liberal economic policy by opening up much of the economy to foreign and domestic investment, allowing labor flexibility, keeping the tax and regulatory burden low, and creating a first-class infrastructure through a combination of private sector and state spending.
The second part is to permit the ruling party to retain a firm grip on government, the courts, the army, the internal security apparatus, and the free flow of information.

A shorthand way to describe the model is: economic freedom plus political repression."

More on The China Model:

WaPo: A Shining Model of Wealth Without Liberty
James Mann argues that China is increasingly a political model for the world, combining an authoritarian system with successful wealth creation.

He notes that the Chinese middle class is content with or at least acquiescent to the current system, indicating “that a nation’s elite can be bought off with comfortable apartments, the chance to make money, and significant advances in personal, non-political freedoms (clothes, entertainment, sex, travel abroad).”

Open Democracy: The China model

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