03 November 2007

The New Warrior Class

"The soldiers of the United States Army are brilliantly prepared to defeat other soldiers. Unfortunately, the enemies we are likely to face through the rest of this decade and beyond will not be "soldiers," with the disciplined modernity that term conveys in Euro-America, but "warriors"--erratic primitives of shifting allegiance, habituated to violence, with no stake in civil order.

Unlike soldiers, warriors do not play by our rules, do not respect treaties, and do not obey orders they do not like. Warriors have always been around, but with the rise of professional soldieries their importance was eclipsed. (Blackwater*)

Now, thanks to a unique confluence of breaking empire, overcultivated(?*) Western consciences, and a worldwide cultural crisis (ie Globalization*),
the warrior is back, as brutal as ever and distinctly better-armed."

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