04 November 2007

Think Tanks and The Market State

Think-tanks promoting free market implementation under the disguise of democratic liberalization, is the propaganda department of The Market State, much in the same way that the private paramilitary security companies becomes the army, paid to protect the annexed natural resources of the victim national states.

The goal, contrary to the rhetoric about democratic reforms, is to open the market for the multinational companies, to privatize, take over or buy up national owned companies and to control natural resources.

The purpose of the think-tanks is to convince the unsuspecting masses through media campaigns, to hand over their national state controlled companies and resources to the "free market" (The Market State) - without a fight.

If the national leaders resist or the population starts to understand what happening and begin to mobilize to protect their resources, then the tanks start rolling and force will be used. Or in the case of western "democratic" countries, the opposition party is bribed and/or propagandized.

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